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  TERRAFORMS owner James Wynn Felizola has published research on conservation developments, sustainable agriculture, and ecological waste treatment

Research Papers Published:
Cluster Developments to Conservation Subdivisions: Standards and Management Plans Influencing Conservation Goals. Masters Thesis. 2008
On-Site Water Supply Options for Individual and Non-Public Systems. 2003
Innovative and Alternative On-Site Treatment of Residential Wasterwater. 2003
South African Hemp Feasibility Report. 1998
Ecological Wastewater Treatment for Appalachia: Constructed Wetlands and Related Innovations. 1997

Journal Articles Published:
"A New Oil and Protein Seed for South Africa". Magazine of the National African Maize Producers and the National Oilseed Producers. 1998-08-01
"South African Hemp" Hemp World: The International Hemp Journal Vol. 3 No. 4. 1998
"Hemp to Build a Nation" Talking Leaves Magazine: Issue 43. 1994
"Good Ideas and Work: Report from S. Africa" Talking Leaves Magazine: Vol. 6 Issue 1. 1993

Technical Bulletins Published:
Hoop Mesh Arbor/Greenhouse. 1999
Chicken Tractor for 10-12 Broilers. 1999

Unpublished Research:
"Smart Growth: Mainstream Environmental Organizations Efforts to Thwart Sprawl." 2004
"Agrobiodiversity - Global Commons or Private Property: Impacts of Plant Patents on Agriculture and Environment in Developing Countries." 2003

Media Interviews and Articles:
"Rooting for Organics". Ohio Magazine. 2001-04-01
"Forum Seeks Community Solutions for Feeding Hungry" The Athens News. 2000-04-03
"Gardening Angels Spread Wings over Backyards and Schoolyards". The Athens Messenger. 1999-12-01
"Community Food Initiatives Provides Area Residents with Food for Thought". The Athens Messenger. 1999-06-02
"Gardening Angels: CFI's Mission is to Help People Grow Their Own Groceries". The Athens Messenger. 1999-04-18
"Rand 25 Million Hemp for Africa Initiative". Engineering News. 1998-09-11
"Hemp Hopes to Unlock SA Closet." The Star. 1998-07-31
"It's Rope Not Dope, Say Hemp Farmers". Mail & Guardian. 1998-07-03
"Miracle Crop or Pipe Dream". Farmer's Weekly. 1998-01-02
"Rural Action Writes Paper for Appalachian Regional Commission" Rural Report: Newsletter of Rural Action Vol. 16 No. 1. 1997
"Rural Action Uses Tires for Greenhouse Project". The Athens Messenger. 1997-08-11
"Volunteers to Put Books In Schools". The Post. 1996-05-24
"Volunteers Restore Church". The Post. 1996-01-16
"Groups to Honor King: Groups Will Restore the 80-Year-Old Mount Zion Baptist Church." The Post. 1996-01-12
"Land for Sanctuary." The Sheridan Press.1993-05-03
"Making the Most of the Land". Eugene Register Guard. 1993
"The Reforestation of the Clearcut". Winter Lost Valley Newsletter. 1993
"Activists Protest Rainforest Destruction." Cooper Point Journal. 1986-10-09

Public Presentations:
"Sustainable Agroforestry and Earth Architecture." Denison University. 2012
"Sustainable Agroforestry and Earth Architecture in South Africa." Ohio University. 2002
"Applied Permaculture Seeds for Change and Campus Ecology". Antioch College. 2001 & 2002
"Self Reliance in South Africa." Athens Public Library. Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association, Athens Chapter. 1999-01-16
"Hemp Production in South Africa." Southern African New Crop Research Association Symposium. 1998
"Owner-Built Passive Solar Homes" Athens Public Library. Sponsored by Rural Action. 1995
"Sustainable Agroforestry at the Tlholego Learning Center." South African Indigenous Plant Use Forum. 1994

Education and Training and Certifications:
2008 MS Degree in Environmental Studies - Environmental Policy and Planning. Ohio University.
2007 Basic Organic Crop Inspection Training. Independent Organic Inspectors Association
1996 AmeriCorps VISTA Pre-Service Orientation Training Certificate
1993 Salmon and Trout Enhancement Program Physical and Biological Survey Training. Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Certificate Course
1993 Introduction to Permaculture: Chisel Plowing and Permaculture Garden Design
1993 Basic Permaculture Design Course
1993 Advanced Permaculture Design Course
1993 Teachers Permaculture Design Course
1988 BS Degree in Environmental Science - Ecological Agriculture. The Evergreen State College

James Wynn Felizola