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Commercial Clients

TERRAFORMS has designed and planted edible and native landscapes at numerous housing projects, public schools, and environmental education centers. TERRAFORMS has provided consulting for the registration of crop, livestock, and food processing inputs for USDA/NOP certified organic food production.

Aqua Bella Organic Solutions, LLC - Sebastopol, CA
Organic Input Product Consulting.

Argo Chemical, Inc. - Bakersfield, CA
Organic Input Product Consulting.

Aurora Innovations - Eugene, OR
Executive Management, International Ingredient Sourcing, Purchasing, and Importing. Organic Input Product Evaluation and Consulting.

Athens Metropolitan Housing Authority – Athens, OH
Designed and installed edible and native landscaping for more than 200 residents of AMHA's affordable housing projects. Coordinated plantings in Athens, Chauncey, Jacksonville, and The Plains, OH.

Belize Agroforestry Research Center – Belize, Central America
Program management, supervision of college student interns and local villagers in development of demonstration gardens, orchards, and trails. Co-founder of the Tropical Conservation Foundation and the Belize Agroforestry Research Center (BARC), and founder of BARC’s Agroforestry Internship Program.

Community Food Initiatives - Millfield, OH
Project management. Development of educational materials. Staff hiring and evaluation, volunteer recruitment and supervision. Work project coordination. Maintained and updated website. Wrote successful grant proposals with values of $40,000 from the Corporation for National Service, $39,000 from Ohio EPA's Environmnetal Education Fund, and $3,600 from Ohio University Community Service Federal Work Study Program. Participated in monthly board meetings, facilitated weekly staff meetings, organized events and attended conferences on volunteerism. Recruited ten public schools to plan and implement sustainable agriculture projects and programs. Conducted workshops and guest presentations at each of the ten participating public schools on food security, food production, processing and preservation. Initiated worm farming projects and the composting of food wastes, and established vegetable gardens at these schools, as well as provided training, tilling, seeds, starts, and technical assistance. Provided guidance to college students and student organizations working on efforts to improve and promote local sustainable agriculture. Served as field supervisor for service-learning students of Ohio University, and summer interns from Oberlin College. Worked regularly with community service volunteers from a minimum security juvenile detention center and an adult correctional facility. Conducted workshops and presentations on sustainable agriculture, design and construction of passive solar homes and greenhouses, renewable energy, and ecological waste treatment. Gave presentations at Antioch College, Ohio University, and interviews on local public television.

Converted Organics, Inc. - Boston, MA
Organic Input Product Consulting

EMD Crop BioScience, Inc. - Brookfield, WI
Organic Input Product Consulting

Grodan BV - Roermond, The Netherlands
Organic Input Product Consulting

International Compost, Ltd. - Calgary, Alberta Canada
Organic Input Product Consulting

Hydrolysate Company of America - Isola, MS
Organic Input Product Consulting

Jet Harvest Solutions - Longwood FL
Organic Input Product Consulting

Lost Valley Education and Event Center – Dexter, OR
Garden and grounds management, supervision of college student interns in development of gardens and orchards, reforestation, and passive solar construction. Coordinated lectures, field trips, seminars, and practicum. Co-founder of the Lost Valley Agroecology Internship Program.

Northwest Louisiana Commerce Center Eco-Industrial Park - Shreveport, LA
Consulted on base reutilization plan for the Louisiana Army Ammunition Plant and development of Eco-Industrial Park and Land Use Design Report for the U.S. Army Industrial Operations Command. Contract # DAAA09-97-G-0005.

Panich and Noel Architects and Engineers - Athens, OH
Authored Water and Waste Water System Design Reports for the Corporation for Ohio Appalachian Development (COAD), Innovative Housing Technology Project - (Habitat for Humanity Strawbale House). Funded by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Microbes BioSciences/Rhizogen - The Woodlands, TX
Organic Input Product Consulting

Rural Action - Trimble, OH
Co-authored report - "Ecological Wastewater Treatment for Appalachia with Constructed Wetlands and Composting Toilets". Report was funded by the Appalachian Regional Commission for submission to the National Appropriate Technology Library. Coordinated volunteers in Earth Day tree plantings and building a tire greenhouse for the Athens Metropolitan Housing Authority.

Seabright Laboratories - Emeryville, CA
Organic Input Product Consulting

Southern Africa Hemp Company – Gauteng, South Africa
Development and promotion of an industry-funded consortium and a national industry fiber cluster. Research, reporting, and presentation on hemp markets, agronomy, processing, and legislation. Presentated papers at university and government conferences. Assisted in design of a hemp breeding and agronomic research project. Presentations to corporations to solicit funding and participation in a hemp breeding program, including: PG Bison and Masonite Africa Ltd. (leaders in the SA panel products industry); SA Breweries (world's 4th largest brewing corp.); and Mercedes Benz South Africa (natural fibers research project). Made presentations at the first annual symposium of the South African New Crops Association, and at meetings of the National Hemp, Flax, Sisal, and Kenaf Cluster at the South African Agricultural Research Council. Interviews on national radio, newspapers, and television. Wrote articles for South African and international agricultural research journals. Visited gene banks and hemp research projects at the N.I. Vavilov Institute of Plant Industry in St. Petersburg, Russia and at Wageningen University in the Netherlands to collect seed and interview scientists about hemp cultivar traits, hemp breeding programs and pollen isolation techniques. Designed website for South African Bast Crop Consortium. Compiled research database of 1,500 articles on cannabis for resource libraries at SAHC and the Ohio Hempery. Archival research of early 20th century hemp photos and machinery patents. Authored South African Hemp Feasibility Report.

Tlholego Development Project – Rustenburg, South Africa
Permaculture design. Botanic garden management. Supervision of villagers in development of demonstration gardens, aquaculture ponds, orchards, animal structures and forage systems, and commercial nursery for the Tlholego Development Project. Guest speaker at South African Indigenous Plant Use Forum. Traveled to Lesotho for a week of consulting work for the Teraterayeng School System Permaculture Project.

James Wynn Felizola