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TERRAFORMS has provided ecological land use planning and design as well as site development services for residential, commercial and public land owners worldwide.

Designs specific to client needs have included: Siting and development of roads as well as water collection, conveyance, storage and wastewater treatment systems. Planning and development of demonstration gardens, orchards and animal forage systems for public and private schools as well as university internship programs. Residential home site location and farm homestead planning; native and edible landscapes for food security and wildlife habitat.

Specializing in design of sustainable, residential and commercial conservation developments that restore and preserve natural ecosystem services for maximum landscape productivity and energy efficiency.

Extensive international agroforesty experience including design and development of educational demonstration gardens, nurseries, orchards, and animal forage systems.

Research and publication of educational materials on water supply and innovative and alternative ecological waste treatement systems.

Experienced in the design and construction of solar homes and greenhouses with rammed earth and strawbales.

Publication of technical bulletins on how to build passive solar greenhouses and animal forage systems.


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James Wynn Felizola