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Ecological Land Use, Design, and Development Consulting

TERRAFORMS provides planning and design for development of conservation and natural recreation areas, residential lots and homes, mixed use commercial areas, roads, ponds, water supply, stormwater management, waste treatment, and plantings for food, energy, shade, and wildlife habitats.

Creating beautiful and functional designs that increase the value of residential, commercial, and public developments.
Expertise in the thoughtful and protracted observation of site characteristics to plan for optimal diversity and productivity.
Twenty years of experience providing Permaculture certified designs, consulting, teaching, research and development.

Organic Input Product Compliance Review and Registration Consulting

TERRAFORMS provides organic input product evaluation and registration consulting for products to be listed for use in the production of USDA/NOP certified organic food and fiber.

TERRAFORMS owner James Felizola worked as Review Program Manager at the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for three years, from 2004 to 2007, and has reviewed hundreds of products that are currently OMRI Listed, WSDA Regitered, or CDFA OIM Registered. He now works as an consultant to organic input product suppliers and provides assistance with the documentation of regulatory compliance of organic input products, and submission of new product applications to OMRI, WSDA, and CDFA.

TERRAFORMS also assists with the collection and submission of information for the periodic re-review of input products that are OMRI Listed and WSDA or CDFA OIM registered.

Many companies that have input products reviewed for certified organic production rely on consultants or dedicated regulatory staff to prepare their application materials. Companies without professional consultants or dedicated regulatory staff often experience significant delays in getting their organic input products reviewed and listed. In most cases, new product applications are delayed for weeks or months because companies are not familiar with the many details of the application process, including the USDA/NOP Rule, applicable labeling policies regarding ingredient and nutrient claims, required lab analysis for specific products or ingredients, or proprietary ingredients and processing aids used to manufature the ingredient they use to build their final products. Most companies submit incomplete product applications containing numerous discrepancies. This results in additional correspondence and documentation requirements, which can significantly delay the listing of the applying products. Unfortunately, many organic input products submitted for review are later denied registration because the applicants had not properly researched and verified the compliant status of all of their ingredients before submitting their product application materials.

TERRAFORMS provides professional consultation to you and your staff at the rate of $40 per hour; and can also provide a service to prepare and submit new product applications to ensure that they will be more rapidly and successfully reviewed in time for the upcoming growing and marketing seasons. With adequate preparation and presentation, your organic input products will be more rapidly reviewed and successfully listed or registered for use in certified organic production.

James Wynn Felizola